Search Engine Optimization

Even the best website design can be useless with Search Engine Optimization. What is SEO? SEO is the process of making sure search engines find your site. There are many factors that can determine where your site shows up in search engine results, and SEO experts can help make sure your site is found by potential clients.

There are basically two different ways to get your site to show up in search engine results. The first is called paid search – those are the promoted ads you see on Google, usually at the top of the page and in the sidebar. Paid search can be very effective, but also expensive. Every time someone clicks on a paid search result, the company that owns the ad pays Google for the click.

The second type of search engine results is called organic results. Those results are based on keywords – the search engine displays the sites that it thinks are most relevant to your search. These are the type of search results that an SEO specialist would work on.

I recommend that every business invests in SEO, especially businesses with a great website! Please contact us for more information.