A no-frills, no-guessing, status check on your site.

While a lot of SEO relies on logic and listening to the customer, just finding the right way to do that can be decidedly confusing. And then add in the technical issues with search engines crawling the sites, redirects, headers, site structure, tags, keeping up with competitors, links, etc just in order to make your site search engine friendly (let alone optimized); and you’ve got a big moving target.

Don’t fret! I’ve got a quick and easy laundry list of anywhere from 50-100 individual assets on your site and whether they working with you, or against you currently. I’ll list out each item examined, grade how well you’re doing, leave comments and links to tools or resources that can help you fix this. I’ll also include prioritization levels that you can use to help you decide what the low-hanging fruits on your website are when your working with limited time or resources.

Let’s be clear here, this report is useful but it isn’t wordy.

This report works best for people who already have a good understanding of SEO/SEF or who have on-hand assets that will take the time to roll up their sleeves and learn more. This audit is for self-starters and those who don’t want to dig through descriptive sentences – they just want the grit of it all. It can be especially useful for SEO Providers, Webmasters or those inclined to learn more about SEO, but aren’t sure where to start.

It is, however, not the appropriate audit for people who may need more detailed explanations of the factors examined, why they are important to SEO and how to fix them. No worries though, I’ve got a Custom SEO Site Audit that is incredibly rich in detail perfect for those looking for full documentation. And if you’re more interested in sleuthing the competition to see how you stack up – check the combo option of SEO Site Audit + Competitive Analysis.