Glossier Flagship 6 Design Ideas Were Stealing From the Brand New SoHo Store
Photo: Sean Davidson
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6 Design Ideas We’re Stealing From the Brand New Glossier Flagship in SoHo

Glossier might be known for their expressive skin care and makeup, but the space is inspiring us to embrace our best interior design selves too

At long last the new Glossier flagship store in Manhattan is officially here. Located at 72 Spring Street in SoHo, the space is at a prime location, whether you’d make the trek from anywhere for a chance to grab your beauty staples, or you’re just looking to dip a toe into the dewy waters. The space is a calm oasis from the hustle and bustle of downtown New York—and that’s no small feat, given that it’s sure to be filled with plenty of shoppers at any given moment. Certain details do remind us of other Glossier stores we’ve visited—including the former Gachot Studios–designed Manhattan space—but there are also several new features that showcase the 10-year-old brand’s maturing. Below, we highlight our favorite elements from the new space and how we’d like to put them into action in our homes. 

The opening of the Spring Street store marks Glossier’s return to New York. 

Photo: Sean Davidson

Go for monochrome

Monochromatic rooms are forever a design favorite for us at Clever, but if you’ve ever doubted a single-color space’s powers, a trip to the Glossier flagship will certainly make a believer out of you. As mentioned, the space succeeds because of its ability to make the visitor feel like they’ve entered a completely fresh space (a sort of Disneyland for beauty fiends), and this is in no small part thanks to the monochrome design of the central space of the store. 

The hallway leading to the selfie room. 

Photo: Sean Davidson

The mosaic by Miotto Mosaic Art Studios was done in reverse so that it’d appear properly in mirror selfies. 

Photo: Sean Davidson

Don’t be afraid to break character

Much of the store is done up in exactly the same palette, with the same materials, but the slightly hidden subway-themed selfie room shows off how impactful switching things up in a space can be. We’re taking this as a sign that we should definitely pump up the drama in our bathrooms, guest rooms, and home offices, even if it goes against the rule book for the rest of our rooms.

The Glossier You lounge is the perfect space to refresh oneself from the energy of SoHo. 

Photo: Sean Davidson

Bright red is a perfect accent color

The store is quite large for a SoHo storefront, and the success of that monochrome is thanks to the separation of the various zones in the store (open concept begone!). It’s hard to pick a favorite zone, but the skylit back area, known as the Glossier You lounge, is a welcome retreat. Our favorite element of the area is its round red couch that reminded us of two things: number one, the whimsical and oh-so-New-York TWA Hotel sunken lounge; number two, bright red is one of the best accent colors out there. 

The mirror-surrounded wet bar offers a place for guests to try products on at the store.

Photo: Sean Davidson

Colored sinks are always commanding

From the moment you walk into the Glossier flagship store, the eye is immediately drawn to the bright red sinks in one of the space’s alcoves. We noted just earlier this month that colored bathroom fixtures are having a moment, and the red Glossier sinks are just another example. 

Anthurium lilies, also known as flamingo flowers, dot the space. 

Photo: Sean Davidson

Add anthurium lilies

As you’ll notice, the store isn’t overly flowery, and there’s not much small decor unless you count the products themselves, but anthurium lilies (also known as flamingo flowers) do make several appearances inside. The waxy flowers are the perfect addition to a space for anyone who’s interested in a unique flavor of beauty. 

Arched halls line the core space, where barrel-vaulted ceilings add curvy depth too. 

Photo: Sean Davidson

Get curvy with it 

The barrel-vaulted ceilings, arched halls, curvy couch, and circular tables (not pictured) remind us that even if rounder pieces sometimes take up extra space, they return with personality in tenfold.