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Katherine McLaughlin

Katherine McLaughlin is the associate digital features editor at Architectural Digest where she covers architecture and design news, travel, and real estate, among other things. Previously, she wrote trend, lifestyle, and DIY stories for AD as a freelancer as well as contributing to other publications such as The New York Times, Insider, Real Simple, and Well + Good. She graduated from The New School and lives in Brooklyn.

Instagram: @mclaughlinkate
Twitter: @mclkatherine


11 Rare Artworks Were Stolen From a Historic Palace

The robbery happened just two weeks after the institution increased security following a previous break-in attempt 

Giorgio Armani Designed a Superyacht—And It’s Stunning 

The iconic fashion designer unveiled renderings of the vessel this past Saturday 
Architecture + Design

French Country Decor: Everything You Need to Know About This Rustic and Refined Style 

With over 300 years of history, design inspired by the French countryside continues to prove its timeless elegance
Architecture + Design

Japandi Style: Everything You Need to Know About This East-Meets-West Style

A combination of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics, the look is calm, casual, and organic

Step Onboard a Historic Superyacht Visited by Amelia Earhart, Salvador Dalí, and Frank Sinatra

The 1930s ship was artfully restored by London-based firm Muza Lab
On the Market

This Mini Castle Could Be Yours for Free—But There’s a Catch

Located in Wichita, Kansas, the small structure is steeped in local history 
Architecture + Design

Manhattan’s First Public Beach Is Coming in 2023  

Designed by the same firm that created the High Line, the new summer spot has been highly anticipated since project plans were announced in 2019 

Gaziantep Castle, a Highly Significant 2,000-Year-Old Structure, Destroyed in Turkey Earthquake

The ancient structure was included in UNESCO’s tentative list for World Heritage Sites
On the Market

This $45 Million Mansion Features a Zaha Hadid–Designed Bathroom

Located in an exclusive South Florida enclave, the mansion is owned by longtime friends of the starchitect

An Invisible Superyacht Could Soon Exist—Here's How

Designed by Jozeph Forakis, the 288-foot vessel would be 3D printed and run on green energy 

You Can Now Buy a Flying Superyacht—for $86 Million

Designed by Lazzarini Design Studio, the yacht concept could be a reality in as little as two years

This Shark-Shaped Yacht Is Setting Sail in 2023

At 97 feet long, the sleek vessel gives the aquatic predator a run for its money 
Architecture + Design

Minimalist Interior Design: Everything You Need to Know About This Intentional and Pared-Down Style 

Often seen as a resistance to excess, there’s more to this aesthetic than white walls and near-bare rooms 
The More You Know

Is TikTok the Secret to Finding an Apartment?

From renters to agents, the social platform has become a valuable resource
On the Market

A Gilded Age Mansion in New York City Just Listed for $80 Million

The 20,000-square-foot Beaux Arts townhouse is one of the few remaining private residences from the era

Zaha Hadid Architects Helped Design a Superyacht for the Royal Family—But It Was Never Built

A collaboration with Vitruvius Yachts and Ocea UK, the design was short-listed to replace The Royal Yacht Britannia
Architecture + Design

The Evolution of New York City’s Subway Stations in 8 Stunning Photos

The design details within transit stops offer a fascinating look at the transportation system’s history