London Townhouse Inside a Renewed Home Steps From Buckingham Palace
Nick Rochowski Photography / Styling Alex Kristal. Art: Lawrence Calver/Richeldis Fine Arts.

Inside a Renewed London Townhouse Steps From Buckingham Palace

Architect Daniel Goldberg brought a luxurious, contemporary heart to this restored heritage building

Just a stone’s throw from Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace, a Georgian-style London townhouse stood in need of a major update. The elegant six-story home and its former stables had seen numerous alterations, tired interior finishes, and now was left with obsolete bathrooms and a home beyond repair. To make the home worthy of its elegant locale—its neighborhood Belgravia is known for its Victorian terraces and lush gardens—a proper renovation was a must. Pringle Richards Sharratt Architects stepped in, overhauling the primary structure and building a new secondary space complete with a media room, gym, and a large, bright family kitchen. Then Daniel Goldberg, founder of the architecture and design firm State of Craft, and his team came in for the interiors. 

“We worked closely with Pringle Richards Sharratt Architects to review and design the entire interior of the house, from circulation to fixtures and their integration into the structure, from lighting to furniture and art, in collaboration with Emma North of Richeldis Fine Art,” Goldberg says. 

London’s garden squares are one of England’s most distinctive—and valuable—contributions to modern urban development. Their concentrated green nature represents the classic ideal of the rus in urbe, pockets of calm and tranquility amid the hustle and bustle of the city. They are also ideal locations for an elegant and comfortable pied-à-terre. The white stucco facades, dotted with tall windows, are typical of Belgravia, offering pleasant views of the outdoors and allowing nature to penetrate the interior. Goldberg wanted this enchanting setting to be reflected in the palette of materials, colors, and textures inside the home. “We sought to create a sense of calm and tranquility through soft, organic tones and the use of natural materials that appeal to all the senses.” 

It is a contemporary interpretation of the townhouse, using a bevy of beautiful materials that combine raw simplicity and sensual delicacy. The team at State of Craft would go even further, however, approaching this renovation/reinvention as a Gesamtkunstwerk, to use the German word for a “total work of art” with different elements combined to create a cohesive whole. “We designed many of the custom furnishings as well as integrated millwork elements in collaboration with the best English craftsmen and manufacturers,” Goldberg explains. “The result is a timeless interior of exceptional quality where every detail is carefully crafted.”

Both the architecture and the interior design create a fluid conversation between the classic and the contemporary, with carefully curated works of art and precisely arranged objects. Everything here reflects the creative vision of the owners, a couple who appreciate British modernism and contemporary art, European design pieces and antiques. From major works by Richard Serra and Ben Nicholson to international and emerging artists such as Joaquim Chancho, Lawrence Calver, Terri Brooks, and Gerry Judah, the emphasis is on abstract minimalism and monochromatic works that celebrate materiality. In the music room, for example, a white painting by Alexi Tsioris depicts a pair of intertwined standing figures. The flowing lines and allegorical symbols reference European modernism and the drawings of Miro, Picasso, and Klee, while the artist’s “sgraffito” technique is more contemporary. The work, created as a counterpoint to the black painting with three interconnected figures in front of it, provides a calming dialogue to the room.

In the living room, from left to right, on a Houdini console (Stephane Parmentier), a Gravity lamp (Gubi). To the right of the fireplace, a Cubist floor lamp (Objet Insolite). Between the two living room windows, an engraving by Richard Serra, Right Angle II (Richeldis Fine Art). In front, a Groundpiece sofa (Flexform). In the foreground, between two Plinth end tables (Menuspace), two Utrecht XL armchairs (Cassina). Arrow suspension lamp (Apparatus Studio).

Nick Rochowski Photography / Styling Alex Kristal. Art: © 2023 Richard Serra / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York) /Richeldis Fine Arts.

Above the fireplace, Three Stripes by Lawrence Calver (Richeldis Fine Art). In front of the couch, custom lacquer coffee tables designed by Peter Hall for State of Craft.

Nick Rochowski Photography / Styling Alex Kristal. Art: Lawrence Calver/Richeldis Fine Arts.

In the dining room, around the Incas table by Angelo Mangiarotti (Agapecasa), Capitol Complex chairs (Cassina). On the walls, from left to right, above the fireplace, Ariel, white gesso on carved wood by Simon Allenll Passaggio, a marble sculpture on a pedestal by Ingers Sannes; and Ark, a work in acrylic, gesso, and plaster on canvas by Gerry Judah (all from Richeldis Fine Art).

Nick Rochowski Photography / Styling Alex Kristal. Art: Gerry Judah/Richeldis Fine Arts. Simon Allen/Richeldis Fine Arts. Inger Sannes/Richeldis Fine Arts.

In the music room, two untitled oil paintings by Alexis Tsioris, one in white and the other in black, face each other (Richeldis Fine Art). On a custom-designed table by Peter Hall (State of Craft), a floral arrangement (Frida Kim). Around it, Lazybone chairs (Baxter). In the bow window, two Burung highboards (Ethnicraft).

Nick Rochowski Photography / Styling Alex Kristal. Art: Alexi Tsioris/Encounter and Richeldis Fine Art.

In the office, on the YBU table (Christophe Delcourt), a limestone sculpture Ancaster, Meditation by Maggie King and on the wall, an oil painting on Japanese paper by Joaquim Chancho (both from Richeldis Fine Art). Pulley hanging lamp (Alison Berger). Rug (Tim Page).

Nick Rochowski Photography / Styling Alex Kristal. Art: © 2023 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / VEGAP, Madrid /Richeldis Fine Arts. Maggie King/Richeldis Fine Arts. 

In the kitchen, the grain of the wood and the veins in the stone are picked up by the Cosmos suspension lamp (Quasar Lighting) and Crossing, in black leather, by Sarah Kaye Rodden (Richeldis Fine Art).

Nick Rochowski Photography / Styling Alex Kristal. Art: Sarah Kaye Rodden/Richeldis Fine Art.

In the primary bedroom, in front of the bed, two stools in wenge and leather (Liaigre). On the wall, a photographic portrait by Jean-Marie Franceschi (Richeldis Fine Art). 

Nick Rochowski Photography / Styling Alex Kristal. Art: Jean-Marie Franceschi /Richeldis Fine Art.

The dresser cabinets were made with woven strips by Peter Hall for State of Craft.

Nick Rochowski Photography / Styling Alex Kristal

The geometric lines of the bathroom meet the light marble, with subtle—almost imperceptible—differences in the varied tones. 

Nick Rochowski Photography / Styling Alex Kristal

The minimalist spa in green marble has curved and soft lines. 

Nick Rochowski Photography

In the guest room, above the bed, a work in gold and palladium on carved wood by Simon Allen, Radiance 5 Moon Gold (Richeldis Fine Art). In the dressing room, Blue Line by Astrid Drageset hangs on the wall. 

Nick Rochowski Photography / Styling Alex Kristal. Art: Simon Allen/Richeldis Fine Art. Astrid Drageset/Richeldis Fine Art.

This London townhouse story was first published by AD France.