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Bright Ideas

6 Design Ideas We’re Stealing From the Brand New Glossier Flagship in SoHo

Glossier might be known for their expressive skin care and makeup, but the space is inspiring us to embrace our best interior design selves too
The Grand Tour

Stacks of Books Double as Decor in This 420-Square-Foot Brooklyn Apartment

How one interior designer makes the most of her tight space
The Hot Seat

The 7 Most Cringe Interior Design Trends, According to YouTubers and TikTokers

These interior design tastemakers share their decor do’s and don’ts
The Grand Tour

This 1920s Miami Casita Was Eclectically Decorated for Just $2,700

Tropica designer Mariella Tzakis spent two years treasure hunting on Facebook Marketplace for a home full of gems
Shop Smarter

17 Black-Owned Stores for Home Decor You Should Know

Even better, you can shop at these cultural hot spots IRL
The Hot Seat

The Couch Cover Deserves a Rebrand

You can’t put a price on protecting your possessions, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of your dignity
The Grand Tour

This 450-Square-Foot Minimalist’s Haven Will Make You Reconsider the “Man Cave”

Bespoke craftsmanship and a savvy use of tone and texture make this bachelor pad anything but a cliché
The More You Know

Why Atomic Age Design Still Looks Futuristic 75 Years Later

How a postwar aesthetic born out of destruction set the stage for Space Age
Rent Free

This Dollhouse Furniture Chess Set Is Living In My Head Rent-Free

The playful genius of Rachel Whiteread ♟️
The Grand Tour

Everything About This Laguna Beach Home Is Oriented Toward the Ocean

The soothing space, an oasis for its museum-director owner, perfectly showcases her incredible art collection
Bright Ideas

9 Homes Under 750 Square Feet That Are Packed With Personality

These inspiring small spaces can help you figure out the priorities for your own abode
The Grand Tour

Curves Abound in This Soft-Toned Art Nouveau Paris Apartment

Louis Denavaut’s elegant renovation channels the best of the ’20s and the ’70s at once
Bright Ideas

6 Design Ideas From the Homes of Aquarius Celebrities

Unearth your strangest possessions, it’s officially Aquarius season
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Inside the Digital Marketplace Where Rare Plants Sell For $9,000

Welcome to MonsteraX, the eBay of rare and variegated plants 🌱
Bright Ideas

7 Monochromatic Rooms That’ll Inspire You to Double Down on Your Favorite Color

Whether it’s a commitment to calming neutrals or bright hues, there’s no denying the appeal of monochrome spaces
The Grand Tour

Striking Limewash Walls Transformed This Mexico City Apartment

A new build with old soul in the heart of Condesa