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The Hot Seat

The 7 Most Cringe Interior Design Trends, According to YouTubers and TikTokers

These interior design tastemakers share their decor do’s and don’ts
Rent Free

This Dollhouse Furniture Chess Set Is Living In My Head Rent-Free

The playful genius of Rachel Whiteread ♟️
The More You Know

Is TikTok the Secret to Finding an Apartment?

From renters to agents, the social platform has become a valuable resource
Shop Smarter

Inside the Digital Marketplace Where Rare Plants Sell For $9,000

Welcome to MonsteraX, the eBay of rare and variegated plants 🌱
We’re Obsessed

How a 17th-Century Earthenware Plate Became the Hottest Accessory of the Year

The evolution of “You and I are Earth” from plate to purse 🍽️
Clever’s 2023 Trend Forecast

Baroque Flowers, Poetic Blossoms, and Wild Weeds: Here Are the Trending Flowers for 2023

The wild, the useful, and the most unexpected flower varieties 💐
The Hot Seat

Are All White Fridges Cursed?

Investigating how a classic commercial appliance got such a bad rep 
Life Goals

Step Inside the Mind of Caleb Simpson, the Viral Vlogger Touring New York Apartments

Meet the content creator making his own version of “Humans of New York meets MTV’s Cribs
The Hot Seat

The Ultrafragola Mirror Has Been Duped to Death

But the influence of the original design will never fade
It's a Thing

This Is What Building a Hotel for Nomadic Lifestyles Looks Like

Utah’s Yonder Escalante is for nomads by nomads
It's a Thing

Is the Color Gray Taking Over the World?

Debunking the color trend study that had TikTok in shambles
The Hot Seat

Why I Want a Wedding Registry for All Occasions

The sentiment might be outdated, but the method of gift guides is certainly not! 🎁
Life Goals

The Immigrant Dream of Building a House in the Motherland

From drawing floor plans on a napkin to bringing them to life decades later
Clever's Seat Week

Sofa Trends Through the Decades

From the fainting couch to the conversation pit, we unpack all the couches that came before us 🛋️
Clever's Seat Week

Should You Hire a Couch Doctor?

We’ve got all your FAQs covered
It's a Thing

How Millennials Killed the Guest Room

As the national housing crisis continues, more and more people are leaving behind the idea of reserving an extra room for guests
Green Thumb

How to Solve Your Houseplant’s Yellowing Leaves Problem

Turns out your green babies are trying to tell you something
Shop Smarter

21 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Shopping at Flea Markets and Antique Shows

Breaking down all the dos and don’ts to know before you go