The first commercially available washing machines were top-load washers. Now, the home appliance market is brimming with various styles, but the trusty top-loader remains popular—and for good reason.

Top-loading washers are less prone to mildew and rust than front-loading designs. Many people find they prefer the standing position that top-loading designs encourage to the hunching position required by alternatives.

After sorting through hundreds of top-rated options, we’ve compiled a buyer’s guide to the best top-load washers for a range of budgets, laundry rooms, and individual preferences.



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GE Profile Top-Load Washer with Smarter Wash

$1169.99 $899.99

This high-capacity top-loading washer has a suite of cloud-based features including AI voice assistant and remote monitoring. It’s equipped with sensors to regulate water, heat, and detergent levels as well as sensors that detect operational issues and imbalances.

$899.99 on Best Buy


Fast Facts

  • Capacity: 5.4 cubic feet
  • Mechanism: Impeller plate
  • Energy Star-certified: Yes

What we like: 

This impeller-style top-load washer from GE’s Profile collection has a host of functions, with Alexa voice-assist and Wi-Fi connectivity. Its smart-sensing technology precisely adjusts output from the detergent and softener dispensers according to the specifications of each load. Its direct drive motor and balancing technology provide a significantly quieter operation.

The GE Profile Top-Load Washer is also Energy Star-certified and comes with a comprehensive 10-year warranty

What customers are saying:

Satisfied buyers praise the GE Profile washer’s smart notifications, remote-handling capabilities, and precision cleaning. Critical reviews note that the balance sensor occasionally requires users to manually redistribute wash loads.

“Very pleased with both the washer and dryer. … The app is useful and speeds up the wash turnaround time by keeping us informed when the load is complete. The Alexa feature is nice although we don’t use all its features.” —H. via Best Buy

“My husband and I love our new washer and dryer! Not only is it an upgrade from our old set, but it’s also super convenient and much easier to use with all the fancy functions. I’m able to clean my laundry in the designated modes depending on type, material, and amount. The app is an added bonus notifying us when laundry is nearly complete, giving us the ability to stay up on our chores no matter where we are.” —Mia W. via Best Buy

“The issue we’ve experienced with not having a traditional agitator is the load can become off balanced and needs manual intervention to adjust the load to complete rinse and spin cycles. We never had to deal with that with previous front load washer.” —O. via Best Buy



Courtesy Best Buy

LG High-Efficiency TurboWash3D Top-Load Washer

$1249.99 $899.99

This Energy Star-certified, high-capacity washer from LG combines an impeller-style machine with smart features and an advanced washing mechanism to use less water and dramatically reduce energy consumption. Additional features include cycle monitoring, remote start, and maintenance alerts.

$899.99 on Best Buy

Fast Facts

  • Capacity: 5.5 cubic feet
  • Mechanism: Impeller plate
  • Energy Star-certified: Yes

What we like: The LG TurboWash3D top-load washer’s numerous water-conserving features set it apart from other oversized washers. Of particular note is its ColdWash direct drive motor and Water Plus cycle setting, which precisely tailors the water amount to each load. The washer’s Wi-Fi enabled LG ThinkQ technology allows users to remotely control, monitor, and troubleshoot their machine.

What customers are saying:

Satisfied buyers are especially pleased with the LG washer’s near-silent operation and substantial capacity. However, some customers said the tub’s depth made retrieving items on the bottom difficult.

“Very quiet machine, cleans my clothes perfectly, it’s not too deep but has amazing capacity, and the sanitization feature is very convenient as well. The app features are also very helpful in keeping up with machine cleaning and maintenance.” —Kylee P. via Best Buy

“I had the [older] version of this washer. I loved it so much I stuck with the newer one, and I still love it. It’s quiet and large capacity. Would recommend.” —Bobby via Best Buy

“This washer is so deep that I cannot reach all the items in the bottom without using a grabber tool. … Also, the written instructions leave a lot to be desired. There are several preset programs you can choose, but there is absolutely zero explanation of these in the owner’s manual.” —BB via Best Buy



Courtesy Samsung

Samsung Top-Load Washer with ActiveWave Agitator

$899 $679

This large-capacity top-load washer features Samsung’s ActiveWave agitator, anti-snag tub, and built-in faucet for pretreating heavy stains. The control panel presents five temperature settings, seven wash cycles, and 10 preset modes, plus braille coding and optional audio assistance. Interactive troubleshooting is available via Samsung’s Smart Care app.

$679 on Samsung

Fast Facts

  • Capacity: 4.9 cubic feet
  • Mechanism: Agitator
  • Energy Star-certified: Yes

What we like: This model stands out from other agitator washers for several reasons: Its streamlined mechanism and tub, convenient WaterJet water faucet, litany of wash settings, high load capacity, low price point, and 20-year motor warranty

According to Samsung, the agitator is designed to deliver exceptionally deep cleaning while keeping vibration, noise level, and tangling to a minimum.

What customers are saying:

Numerous positive reviews praise the Samsung agitator washer’s sizable capacity and exceedingly quiet operation. Critical reviews say that the washer’s balance sensor requires calibration or repair after a year or so of use. 

“Love my new Samsung Top Load Washer. … Its controllers are very intuitive and easy to use. I love the see-through lid because I can look inside anytime I need to check on what’s going on there. Its capacity is great! It perfectly fits a king size comforter or huge dog bed without being too tight. … The program presets are very convenient and cover all my washing needs.” —Margaret via

“The first thing I noticed about this washer was how quiet it is and how large as well. This turned out to be a great unit for an affordable price.” —Jcan214 via

“I purchased the washer and dryer set; exactly one year and 3 days later the dryer quit, and now the washer is constantly stopping and alerting that it is off balance. I tried everything from removing all items but one and checking to make sure the washer was level, but after days of babysitting it, I still have not completed the load.” —Green via Samsung,com



on Samsung

Samsung HE Super Speed Top-Load Washer

$999.99 $899.99

Despite its large capacity, this impeller-style top-load washer exceeds the high efficiency standards set by Energy Star. It’s equipped with a WaterJet faucet for stain pretreatment and Samsung’s best-in-class swede wash technology which cleans large loads in less than 36 minutes.

$899.99 on Samsung

Fast Facts

  • Capacity: 5 cubic feet
  • Mechanism: Impeller plate
  • Energy Star-certified: Yes

What we like: In addition to its short wash time, the Samsung HE Super Speed washer is notable for its heavy-duty controls (12 wash cycles, eight cycle settings, and five temperature levels), auto-regulated detergent dispenser, built-in faucet, soft-close lid, and vibration reduction architecture. 

What customers are saying:

Happy customers laud the Samsung Super Speed washer’s self-regulating dispenser system, high-volume capacity, and precise presettings. Other customers feel that the impeller tub’s spin action is sluggish compared to agitator models.   

“This washer capacity is huge! I was able to wash a 3-foot-by-5-foot rug in it last night with no problem. … If I overfill the fabric softener, the washer dumps the excess into the wash with detergent so that I always have just the right amount of softener. This is by far the best washer I’ve ever had!” —Shellot via

“I’ve had this washer [for] a little over three months, and I love it! It’s large enough to fit my king size comforter, and I love all the settings it has—especially the quick wash, which takes only 30 minutes.” —Cindy S. via

“This is the first time I’ve used a washing machine without an agitator, and I find that the drum turns/works slowly … I cannot adjust the cycle time unless I use a manual selection, which defeats the purpose…” —Morena via



Courtesy Best Buy

Insignia High Efficiency Top-Load Washer

$719.99 $599.99

The Insignia High Efficiency Top-Load Washer relies on a single-action agitator and is large enough to handle medium- to large-size loads. It has 11 auto-wash programs, five soil-level settings, and five temperature levels, plus a delay button, child safety lock, and digital display. Insignia provides a one-year warranty for parts and labor.

$599.99 on Best Buy

Fast Facts

  • Capacity: 4.1 cubic feet
  • Mechanism: Agitator
  • Energy Star-certified: No

What we like: This top-load washer is highly functional for its price point. Its wash cycle options include (but are not limited to): activewear, bulky, delicates, drain and spin, hand wash, and quick wash. Temperature settings range from tap cold to hot and include an energy-conserving “eco warm” mode. Users can also dictate the cycle intensity by adjusting the soil level settings.

What customers are saying:

Customers are impressed with the Insignia washer’s comprehensive controls and highly effective spin cycle. Others say the machine is noisy during operation. One buyer experienced a malfunction with the softener dispenser. 

“It has proven to be a superior appliance. It is a large-capacity machine that handles washing blankets, several coats, towels, and bulky items extremely well. The spin cycle spins clothing almost dry! I love all the options, and that I can choose more water, extra spin, whatever the load requires. It’s a bit noisy when it levels the load and agitates, but I don’t care at all due to the fact that my clothing is clean!” —E. via Best Buy

“The features are amazing, the value is amazing, and the size of the drum is huge! There is a button for delayed start time as well as everything from light to heavy loads. You can change your water temperature, add more water with a click of a button, or use the hand wash cycle. It washes really well.” —Moma Lina via Best Buy

“I’d like to write a more positive review, but the fabric softener bin is not draining. Basically, I load the fabric softener and push the fabric softener button, but the bin does not drain and the fabric softener does not go into the load. … I called Geek Squad, but since the purchase is still within the 1 year warranty I have to call Insignia. Very frustrating!” —Shelby R. via Best Buy



What to Look for in a Top-Load Washer

Agitator vs. Impeller Mechanism

Top-load washing machines have either impeller plates or agitator washing mechanisms. The column-like agitator sits in the drum’s middle and cleans garments by creating a twisting motion.  Conversely, impeller-style washing machines have low-profile impeller plates mounted to, or as part of, the drum’s interior surface. 

Agitators have been around longer than impeller plates. Since impeller mechanisms are more gentle on fabrics than turnstile agitators, they’ve become increasingly popular among consumers and brands in recent years. 


Most top-load washers have a drum capacity between 3.5 cubic feet and 5.4 cubic feet. A capacity of 4.5 cubic feet or more is considered large, and a capacity in excess of 5.5 cubic feet is considered extra-large. Compact and portable washing machines typically have a capacity of 3.4 cubic feet or less. For the most part, machines with smaller capacities will use less water per load.

Wash Cycles

Basic top-load models typically include the standard wash cycles such as colors, whites, normal, delicate, and heavy. More advanced models often include additional cycles to accommodate athletic wear, hand-wash items, and bedding. Some high-end top load washers even offer allergen reduction settings and Microban technology.



Our Recommendation

Our pick for the best washing machine is the GE Profile Top-Load Washer with Smarter Wash Technology. Its high energy efficiency, suite of smart features, numerous wash options, and sizable stainless steel drum make it a solid, best-in-class choice for homeowners.



Top-Load Washer FAQ



How We Chose the Best Top-Load Washer

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  • Brand research: We cast a wide net by first looking at the latest, most reputable models available through trusted retailers. 
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